The long-anticipated changes to the Construction (Design & Management) Regs (CDM) have now come into effect. The main changes include:

  • The emphasis is on the client, as head of the supply chain, to set standards throughout the project. For domestic projects (undertaken for the house-holder) – responsibilities default to the designer and the principal contractor.
  • Principal Designer will take responsibility for co-ordination of the pre-construction phase and developing the Safety File, replacing the CDM co-ordinator (that role is no more!).
  • The Principal Contractor develops the construction phase plan and ensures site management.
  • Notification of projects to the HSE has eased in that projects lasting more than 30 days now must also employ 20 people at any point in the project to become notifiable.
  • Focussing on ‘competence’ through its components of skills, knowledge, training and experience (for organisations – organisational capability) requires those involved to have the right attributes to deliver a healthy and safe project.

The technical requirements in terms of health, safety and welfare remain essentially unchanged from CDM 2007.