An audit is a structured examination of an organisation’s safety arrangements to provide the employer and their customers with confidence that the safety management system is effective. An audit looks at the documentation as well as the physical arrangements and working practices. Those within an organisation can be too closely involved to see opportunities for improvement – the fresh perspective of an ‘outsider’ combined with experience of a wide range of organisations and sectors enables SWSM to make proportionate, appropriate and innovative suggestions.

An audit is often the starting point of SWSM’s relationship with its customers – it’s hard to plan a route if you don’t know where you’re starting from.

However, criticism without praise is hugely disheartening; a SWSM audit will look to recognise and reinforce the strengths of the system while making realistic proposals for action. The recommendations are prioritised so that the audit creates an action plan.

The SWSM audit is structured into 4 parts;

  • Management
  • Workplace
  • Work Equipment
  • Specific Topics

The resultant report aims to be jargon free with clear justification of the actions proposed.