Whether you provide residential, nursing or domiciliary care SWSM recognises that safety management is completely different from the typical 5 day week business.

No ‘ordinary’ business is subject to so much scrutiny and expectation from its clients (relatives) and regulatory agencies – almost all of whom are concerned with the services provided to the service users; few are concerned with the safety and welfare of those that provide the care.

‘Ordinary’ businesses can interrupt the work for training, cleaning and maintenance etc. – care services must be uninterrupted. So just organising a short training session requires considerable commitment from employer and employees especially as about 60% of care workers have more than one employment.

John has extensive experience in the care sector that has included

  • Auditing hospitals – private and NHS
  • Advising residential & nursing care – including older adults and children
  • Advising domiciliary care businesses, where most employees work unsupervised
  • Providing safety briefings to reinforce e-learning systems.