Safe Working is No Accident!

Safe Working practices are the result of an effective management system – or to put in another way accidents are often the result of an ineffective management system!

For many growing businesses supported by SWSM the first formalised management system that they adopt is one for managing the health & safety of their employees. Their new safety management system will ensure that they have a range of management tools including an induction system, training records, safe procedures, monitoring/supervision systems, records of issuing equipment/PPE, equipment checks, etc.. Wherever possible the SWSM system will endeavour to minimise the number of forms – in our experience fewer forms addressing several issues are more likely to be completed and easier to administer (less cost) than an array of very specific forms.

An effective safety management system must be proportionate to the organisation – not only to ensure that money is invested wisely but also to ensure it is appropriate to the activities (complex systems often fail because employees see them as bureaucratic).

A well-designed safety management system will also facilitate securing accreditations and supplier approvals – helping the organisation obtain and retain work.

Even if things go wrong having a safety management system will help you mitigate the legal exposure – both criminal and civil. Evidence of a positive attitude to safety can be used to defend legal actions.

SWSM can help you establish or develop your safety management system by

  • proposing improvements,
  • identifying opportunities to simplify and combine processes,
  • reviewing and developing your assessments
  • providing information and training to relevant employees so that they understand the risks and control measures