To be relevant Risk Assessments must both REFLECT and AFFECT the working methods. Too many organisations develop assessments, put them in a file and forget them. Risk Assessments should feed into the systems of work and be reviewed as work techniques and experience develops.

SWSM can work with your employees to develop your risk assessments and work procedures. Alternatively we will provide support to you or relevant employees so that they develop risk assessments that are appropriate to your work activities.

It is important to recognise that not everything needs a risk assessment; the hazards of everyday life can usually be ignored.  The risk assessments will help you decide which issues need to be addressed to ensure that your investment in safety achieves the best results – you’ll only spend the money once so it’s important to spend it in the right place.

While responsibility for ensuring that there are suitable and sufficient risk assessments available rests with the employer there is no doubt that the best people to be involved in their creation and/or development are those that perform the task. By involving the workers the process then also complies with the requirement to consult employees on matters of Health & Safety.

In some circumstances the risk assessments then feed into “safe working procedures” which describe how the work should be undertaken, safely.