The volume of Health & Safety legislation and Approved Codes of Practice can make compliance a daunting prospect. Consequently a common service SWSM provides is to act as employers’ source of competent advice.

To have someone in the role of competent advisor is not only good practice but is a legal requirement – this can be someone from within the organisation or outsourced. In all but the smallest business it is not wise for the owner to take on this role as it leads to closed-loop thinking. The fresh perspective of an ‘outsider’ can provide reassurance to the employer and focus attention on other significant aspects.
SWSM has a range of retained Service Levels to reflect the needs of your organisation, this can range from a remote advice line (“something’s happened what should I do?”) through to the development of documents and monitoring working practices by scheduled visits.

The principle benefit of having a retained external advisor is having advice when you need it from someone you trust. Specifically;

  • Knowledge of your business so that advice is appropriate,
  • Introduction of fresh ideas and alternative approaches,
  • Development of trust and confidence within the workforce.

Appoint your advisor before there’s a problem so that trust can be developed.