It seems obvious but virtually all assessments should start with a description of the task – significant exposure to chemicals only occurs when you’re doing something with them.

Having defined the task it becomes easier to identify the hazards, identify who could be affected, the likely degree of harm and then the existing control measures. At the conclusion you take a view on whether the risk is adequately controlled; if not what more needs/could be done to reduce the risk. This is where you identify your ideas for improvement which can subsequently be evaluated for effectiveness; you are not committed to implementing the ideas just to be able to show that you’ve considered their effectiveness and feasibility.

SWSM can help by

  • developing a risk assessment system,
  • providing support and re-assurance to your in-house assessors,
  • developing risk assessments with your employees,
  • assessing the suitability of your risk assessments,
  • ensuring that the Risk Assessments affect the working methods and are understood and implemented by relevant employees.